Monday, May 20, 2013


I think I have found a cure for cellulite. Can I hear a whoop whoop!

Well… I have found a way to decrease it. I have been road testing my theory for just over three months, and can now release my findings.
Let me just start off by saying that I have tried everything – scrubbing the ‘affected area’ with a louffa before showering to stimulate blood flow – which resembled scraping rather scrubbing. I’ve tried cellulite creams that contain caffeine to again stimulate blood flow, which just end up burning your thighs and leave you smelling like a strange variety of eucalyptus.
So: the reason for your dimpled thighs is…
Alcohol. Well sugar, but most of the sugar I consume is alcohol.  I know – I was kind of bummed to discover this cruel truth as well.
Don’t we all love a little glass of pinot after work? Or a Sunday riesling with lunch? But, after not drinking as frequently over the past three months (I was on a cray diet/exercise regime pre Grand Prix) and having completely stopped drinking for the past month, I can safely say I am almost cellulite free (*cue big smiley grin).
Now this isn’t a case of having the tiniest bit of cellulite that you could only see it in certain unflattering lighting (think Safeway). This was upper thigh – back of legs – sometimes front of legs under the Safeway lighting – not great.
Alcohol is a funny one. I’m 24 and often find myself justifying the second bottle of wine with “I’m still so young, as if I’m going to be boring and not drink”. And look, I think the golden rule of ‘everything in moderation’ is key here, depriving yourself is definitely not the answer (leads to binging). However, it is incredible how much better you feel once you’ve ditched the booze. Your skin clears up, eyes brighten, compliments flow, and your self-esteem is boosted. Win win right?
Will I go back to drinking alcohol? Probably. But right now I’m enjoying my affected-free areas.
Love some good health inspo to start the week.

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