Thursday, June 5, 2014


Meet Alicia my gorgeous co - blogger! 

Currently working at Tigermist Head Office here's a recent interview:

How long have you been a part of the Tiger Mist team?

I've been with the Tiger Mist Team now for almost a year, I can't believe how fast it's gone already.

Give us a rundown of your typical TM day?

My role is Customer Care/Wholesale Assistant, my typical day involves responding to the emails we receive to Customer Care regarding stock, order and general queries. Throughout the day I'll process refunds, exchange and phone order that are made.

I'm going to start tackling the wholesale side of things soon, once there's a bit more time to learn the ropes. Dana's got that area pretty much under control. It's really great cause everyone helps each other out here if we are under the pump one of the other girls will jump on and help with emails and visa versa.   

What's it like working with your sister?

Look, it's pretty good to work with my sister we get along really well so I'm really lucky. Car-pooling is pretty handy as well. 

Who in your eyes is the fashion QUEEN?

Oh god.. I'm not sure if I could just pick one fashion queen but some of my faves would definately have to be Erin Wasson and Kate Moss..they can do no wrong in my eyes..I would have to put Lara Bingle up there as well, her style is amazing!

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee any day of the week. The coffee machine and I know each other pretty well.

We know your a bit of a shopaholic, what is your favourite purchase this season?

Haha I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to shopping, my credit card hates me. I think my favourite purchase of this season would have to be my Josh Goot Bomber that I picked up from his sale recently.. Anything by Goot and I'm sold.  

What is your favourite place to dine?

Ooohh I love Yong Green Food on Brunswick St. The food there is incredible.

Describe yourself in just 3 words?

Kind, friendly and happy!

You creative gal, tell us about your picture smothered desk?

I love getting my creative on! My desk is filled with some mood boards I've created with some of my favourite pictures and quotes to brighten it up. I've also got a salt lamp and some little cactus guys there as well. The desk is looking pretty colourful now. 

Give us your IDEAL weekend!

Weekends, woo! I love it when Fridays come around.

I would say my ideal weekend would be going out for a delicious brunch somewhere, maybe having a little shop with an afternoon picnic in a park where there's lots of dogs to dog watch and finish up at a bar with a good outside area for a few cheeky drinks with friends.

Round up your fave TM pieces online at the moment?

I'm loving the new Rise Of Dawn Lance Corporal jacket, the Tiger Mist General Robert Long Sleeve shirt, the Summer Daisy Lace dress (anything midi length is a winner with me) and of course all things Stussy. 

Words to live by?

Be nice to people, do things that are good for your soul and smile. 

via Tigermist, check out her Tumblr HELIOPHILIA to brighten your day. 

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