Wednesday, March 5, 2014



Step 1: Start by rimming the water-line with kohl liner. Apply 1 or 2 layers of the pencil as far around the inner rim of the eyes as you can go. Now for the move that will define your eye make up from the amatures.. squeeze shut your eyes! Not too much, but just enough to squeeze the pencil through the lash line and just over the top of the eye. Then re-apply another layer of the pencil to the inner rim before 'lightly' squeezing again. This 'squeezing effect' is what is going to give you that sexy-bed-eyes look.

Step 2: Now, to refine and finish take a clean cotton tip and smudge the excess black pencil (which has worked it's way over the eye line) evenly around the lash line top and bottom. With a clean cotton tip (dipped into some eye make up remover) remove any unwanted smudges - particular from under the eye. Note: This is when you can do any concealing needed under the eyes. Don't forget to lightly powder with a translucent powder to set the concealer and stop the pencil from smudging too far down!

Step 3: The attention is all in the detail - brush brows directly up and out with a brow gel. Note: As small a detail as it sounds, by grooming the brows up and out, really helps open and lengthen the eye, reversing the effect the black pencil may have on making them look smaller. Tip: To maximise the size and width of your eyes, double curl your lashes before applying a coat of mascara to top and bottom lashes.

My tip to you - Apply a small amount clear lip lacquer either to the centre of the lid and/ or high on the brow bone - depending if your lashes reach your brow bone - the gloss will add a beautiful sheen and help give your liner that sexy, slept-in rock-chic look.

There is nothing better than an 'effortlessly' cool beauty tip that is actually quite effortless!

Max Made is the make up master and just as good at passing on his tips! 

I've tried this a few times now and it's changed my world.

For more info on the look and product tips head to MAX MADE

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