Friday, June 7, 2013

Olhão - Portugal

I stumbled across this tiny town in Portugal completely by accident, after missing my train stop to my initial destination I had no idea where to go, an eccentric man on the train suggested Olhao where he had renovated a bed and breakfast. After not much thought i decided why not and boarded the bus to Olhao - which is a tiny fishing town in the Algarve of Portugal.
A 10 minute ferry ride from Olhao is the Island of Culatra and the Island of Farol where i spent the day, apart from the fact the water in Portugal is FREEZING is was a little slice of paradise.
When trying to get back to Olhao I realised I'd gotten the ferry timetable wrong and had about a 2 hour wait, which is when I ran into some brazilians who convinced this old portugese man to take us back on his little yacht, with no engine and just a rudder to steer, it was amazing!

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