Thursday, November 10, 2011

Nail mix up


Love this nail look for something different and it comes with a how-to even better!!
You need three nail polishes: an opaque nude colour, a super-dark hue and a clear topcoat.
1. Start by painting nails with the pale hue, and let dry completely.
2. Next, paint a very thivk layer of clear topcoat over the nude colour.
3. While the topcoat is still wet (and working one nail at a time) use short strokes and a heavily-loaded brush to dab the dark colour just along the tip of the nail. It's all about creating a painterly effect herem so be sure to lay it on thick and don't worry about being to precise; the two polishes should run together to create a marbled effect.
4. Let nails dry completely, clean up any mistakes around the nail with nail polish remover, and finish with another layer of clear topcoat.
via studdedhearts

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