Friday, June 17, 2011

Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy

Last night while flicking through a big pile of summer mags that needed to be thrown out i came across an article on summer bodies and a treatment called Elemis Body Sculpting Cellulite and Colon Therapy. Generally these sort of treatments sound like a con but this one actually sounds good and is apparently clinically proven to improve the appearance of cellulite!

The body is brushed using the Elemis natural cactus skin brush to stimulate circulation and bring oxygen to the surface. Increasing circulation helps the blood move throughout the body more efficiently, clearing any build-up of waste and toxins under the skin.
Reiki Chakra breathing helps cleanse and disperse waste. Using Body Sculpting Lipo-Refining Serum with a specialised massage sequence over legs, hips and thigh and extra pressure on problem sections, the lymphatic nodes are kneaded to help stimulate blood flow and drain away excess fluid. Vigorous pounding on the fleshy parts of the thigh encourage fat cells to break down and increase blood flow.
A detoxifying fennel and birch peel-off body mask is then applied to the legs and top of the thighs, drawing out any impurities to help firm and smooth the skin. Fennel is valued for its diuretic properties, whilst birch works to stimulate blood flow.
Cleansing of the colon through abdominal massage and reflexology helps to detoxify the body. Working with the clients' breathing pattern, the therapist massages around the stomach, starting at the base of the ascending colon and moving round clockwise, following the line of digestion. Pressure is only applied on the exhaled breath, making it more comfortable for the client.
Performing a scalp massage relaxes and de-stresses the body to release toxins more effectively. The body mask is removed and the hips and thighs are wiped clean using Hot Lime Mitts before Body Sculpting Firming Cream is applied using a sweeping massage technique to the entire legs to encourage lymphatic decongestion.

At $135 for an hour sounds like it's worth a go!